BT’s best broadband deals are gone – so what should you go for instead?
BT’s best broadband deals are gone – so what should you go for instead?

BT usually blows us away with the amount of freebies and incentives it chucks in with its broadband deals, but this week they seem to be lacking. Gone are the tempting BT Sport add-ons and gratis Amazon Prime sub and what we’re left with just isn’t as good. Don’t get us wrong…BT Broadband is still one of the best value options out there thanks to its super fast speeds and bountiful prepaid Mastercards, but it’s currently well worth taking a look at what other deals you can get.

We’ve listed our top picks for broadband deals down below. They range from affordable fibre options to the cheapest ADSL internet available. Our favourite of the bunch is Vodafone’s super cheap fibre for just £20 – you won’t get any cheaper than that for fibre right now. 

And if you reach the end of the list and still find yourself unsure about what to go for, then use our postcode tracker below to see what’s available where you are and compare all of the best options. 

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1. Vodafone’s ultra cheap fibre broadband

2. Plusnet plus an added bonus on its great value fibre

3. Onestream is the UK’s cheapest ADSL broadband

If none of these broadband deals took your fancy then don’t worry, there is still a load of other options to choose from. You can see all of the top offers over on our broadband deals page or check the comparison chart below for the best fibre offers.

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